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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 23, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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edition" for today. i'm deborah norville. thank you for watching. we'll see you right here again tomorrow. . we are tracking the storm tonight. just days after a big storm hits a new round of rain, wind and snow are ready to hit as soon as tomorrow. tonight a look at when and where it will hit. >> a powerful storm heading this way in a couple of hours. >> we are seeing light showers right now. the main punch is still up to the north. >> and what comes with it? >> a blast of cold actic air that lowers the snow down to 2,000 feet. that means snow locally in the bay area. showers, a couple areas of heavier rain.
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let's check out that. near napa. approaching napa and to the north. most of the heavy stuff is to the north. scattered showers pushing through this evening. it will get more intense as the storm drops down into the bay area. plenty of snow to the north, through lake tahoe. this is pulling in cold air. the circulation pulls around from canada. we are seeing cold air coming in, over the ocean as well, picking up moisture as it moves to the south. with that cold air and the moisture in place, we will see snow. 2,000 feet. four inches expected. busts of heavy rain possible. unstable air out there. similar to saturday when we saw the heavy down pours. we could see that tomorrow morning as well. windy with rain and snow.
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2,000 feet. the winds are going pick up after the storm tapers off. we see it push through at noon. rapidly clearing skies. winds pick up to 35 miles per hour in some spots. into the afternoon, sunny and breezy. temperatures dropping to the upper 40s. we will look at the temperatures and we will timeout the rain and snow in a bit. now to our other big story, holiday travel in full swing with a few days before thanksgiving a lot of people are heading out to visit their loved ones. kron 4's yawnthen b joins us with that -- da jonathan bloom joins us with that story. >> reporter: this is not -- this does not look like the typical security line. this is much longer. today is the most heavy day for
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thanksgiving holiday travel, even heavier than wednesday. look down the line, you can see the body scanner is in full operation. along with crowds that surpass what we had last year by four%. san francisco is bracing for possible delays when a protest is scheduled to take place wednesday. lot of people don't like the thoughts of a stranger looking at them naked. >> you know they will be taking pictures of you naked. >> reporter: she does have a problem with the new body scanners. but she also has a solution. >> go to a different check out. as long as you figure it out you don't have any of those issues. >> reporter: she has been scouting out the check points. we found one passenger who loves them. >> for the first time i didn't
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beep the machine with my knees and i didn't have to go through a pat-down. at kennedy airport their still using the medal detector. so of course i triggered the machine and had to wait while we got a male attendant. >> twice the size of my husband. >> reporter: how was the pat- down? >> the pat-down was okay. i had no problem with that. >> reporter: there could be a lot of those on wednesday if hundreds opt out of the body scanner. the tsa called the protest irreponessable. >> that could take longer to them. >> reporter: with the new stricter standards, one passenger was shocked at how loss the standards are. >> i left silver wear in my bag
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and after having my bag searched and ripped apart, they told me i could fly with a butter knife and a fork. >> reporter: you can see even more people trickling into the security line even though it is after 11:00 at night. the heaviest day for travel and the heaviest week for travel. get here at least an hour and a half before your flight domestic. 2-1/2 hours for international. they say they have it under control and 90 minutes is a fine time in advance to arrive. weather very unpredictable, check with your airline before leaving home whether you are going to pick someone up or you are flying so you don't end up with a delayed flight.
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>> sfo has the largest number of scanners. there are 9 of them in all. one for every check point. each accompanied by a maddal detector. san jose's machines were installed last june. there are four in terminal a and four in terminal b. in oakland there are five units. four in terminal two, the southwest airlines hub. the other serves all the other airlines. more than 340 body scanning machines are in use at 67 airplanes. the tsa plans to install 110 more by the end of the year. for more information go to new details in the second
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week of the hearing for the 7 suspects accused of gang raping a high school student. the hearing is happening in martinez. an investigator took the stand. kron 4's dan kerman tells us what happened in court. >> reporter: all of the defends were mentioned by name as day six unfolded. oon the stand kina ken greco. he testified ortega said the victim collapsed and he and another person dragged her to a dumpster, there someone had intercourse with the victim and another urinated on her. ortega repeatedly hit her because she kept screaming for
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help. he also admitted to struggling with the victim while trying to take her necklace. when and scked if he wanted to apologize, he said he didn't think it would work and it would be dad for saying i am sorry for letting people rape you. ken greco said morales admitted he was the one who urinated on the victim. he also admitted to steeling her reg. he also testified morales said ortega was hitting the victim. the detective also testified during his interview morales named several defendant by name as being at the location during or after the assault. dan kerman kron 4 news. wild weather bringing travel to a halt in many parts
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of the country tonight. from icy roads and run ways to overturned cars and
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tonight's headlines the killer of chandra levy was convicted today. ingmar guandique an illegal imgrant faces 30 years in prison. chandra levy had been having an affair with gary contt. the new trial date for the three america hikers in iran is now february 6. two of them are skill detailed. one was freed in september. the three were hiking along the boarder when they were
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arrested. >> changes at netflix. the service says it is now a streaming video company. they are changing its focus as more members go to the internet to watch. the company says it's also increasing prices. we are not done with the rain yet or with snow either. snow here
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wild weather today across the united states from freezing rain to icy roads and tornadoes. here is a look at the spots hard hit. >> reporter: enamines, dangerous travel on feet and on the ground. minnesota, dangerous travel on feed and on the ground. a big rig flipped over. a dangerous seat at seattle's
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airport. a plane slid off the run way. weather may be to blame. plus a semi flipped over because of icy conditions in seattle. that area will see 6 more inches on the ground before morning. in wisconsin, and illinois, it's not snow, a tornado knocked a school bus on its side north of chicago. also ripped down power lines and trees. cutting off power to thousands. the same storm sent a tornado into wisconsin, caused damage to the roof of a gas station. there have been no reported deaths caused by the tornado. thousands remain without power in wisconsin and illinois. that could be dangerous as temperatures will be below freezing. normally when the rest of the country is getting pounded,
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the bay area usually doesn't see much. that's not the case today. most of the rain is snow is to the north of us. snow in seattle, washington, oregon, now coming down into northern california. plenty of snow to the north and rain along the coast line. this storm is sitting to the west of washington right now. it is pulling in cold air from canada. the circulation is this motion here. this is the way it's moving. pulling in the told air from canada and picking up moisture over the ocean. we could see some bursts of heavy rain tomorrow and even snow. i mentioned the cold. look at the temperatures right now. up to the north, cold air is starting to filter in. 25 in seattle. 29 portland, 12 in spokane. we will see chilly temperatures as well. overnight tonight, especially wednesday into thursday. a look at future cast,
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tomorrow, heavy rain picking up at 2:00 a.m. over the north bay. we will continue to see these through the morning. plent y of the yellow indicating heavier cells. 4:00 a.m., more cells. 6:00 continues. 7:00 in the morning, there is the main band of rain, bringing pockets of heavy rain. to the south bay by 8:00. we will see clearing and also gusty winds into the afternoon. both of those will make it feel fridged tomorrow afternoon. a winter weather advisory tomorrow, snow level 2,000 feet. we will see coastal ranges to the north bay. 1-4 inches of accumulated snow.
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look at the kron 4 around the bay forecast. rain and snow tomorrow. winds picking up in the afternoon. temperatures reach a high in the low 50s but drop to the 40s by the afternoon with the rapid clearing. look at these temperatures. fridged over night wednesday into thursday. freeze watch into effect. chilly afternoons as well. weekend, slight improvements with warmer conditions and rain saturday and sunday. >> the ski resorts at lake tahoe. look at this. check out the white conditions on the slopes there. this was the scene. lots of excited seers and snowboarders. the snowstorm of the weekend brought more than 5 feet of fresh snow to the vesort. several days of snowing ahead. some of the best conditions
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all right. good evening everybody. the warriors limiting of late. anth 16 the nuggets in town. the warriors missing a host of frontcourt players with injury. here comes rodney. throwing it down there. nice steel and breakaway. he had 16 tonight. ellis beat the first half buzzer. warriors fell apart. look at that. you want to see a guy with more that tews than anyone in the
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league. wow! carmelo anthony didn't even look like, ends up with 39 points. 9 rebounds. that's when you know you are good. you are cool and good. warriors dropped to 7-7. they jump on the road for three dames. first stop houston. chargers getting hot at the right time. the san diego chargers rough start. tonight, rivers one of four touchdown passes. here is darron. rivers on pace for over 5,300 yards. that breaks the record. chargers win 35-14. they are now 5-5. tied with the raiders. raiders, richard see more through a $35,000 punch. you can. the tase was his manhood was
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tested. no one said what ben roethlisberger said. seamore decked him. knocked ben roethlisberger down. good. doesn't play the rest of the game and the raiders are crushed 35-3. shut out since 1997, the 49ers had nothing yesterday. and singleterry, this is the hottest he has ever been. now they are 3-7. how do you come back. they are two back. they are 3-7 and tampa bay man handled them yesterday. 21-0. singleterry accepting the blame. see if you buy what he is saying. >> why we lost a game? that would be on me. that would be on me. that would be on me when our receivers don't run the right route. that's on me.
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when we have a turnover, that's on me. anything that happened in the game is on me. >> again, when you are 3-7, anything he says, you can't win. that second block, it's on me. it's my fault. jeff bush's story, it's on me. jackie's weather report, on me. >> my weather report was good. >> who do you blame, brett favre or brad childress? brad got it today. the vikings are 3-7 like the 49ers. somebody has to go and that it is. standferred is 7th in america. 6 in the bcs and what a great year, 10-1. hopefully something works out where they can go to the rose bowl and not the alamo
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bowl or
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